Children and Parenting

Children are often the primary sufferers of a relationship breakdown, be it because the parents can no longer speak to each other in a friendly manner, or because the children have become pawns to be used against the other parent. In some cases, parents can reach an Agreement outside of Court, as to who the children should live with and when the other parent will see the children. This type of an Agreement is known as a Parenting Plan. 

If it is required that the Court become involved in determining the living arrangements of the children, the Court will give careful consideration to what is best for the children, not what one parent wants.  It is also possible for grandparents or other concerned parties to make applications to the court for the custody, or to have time with the children. Once the Court has made its determination it will process documents known as Orders, which are legally binding and are required to be followed by both parties. It is also possible for parents who have reached an Agreement outside of Court, to have their Agreement turned into Orders, therefore making it legally binding so that both parties adhere to the Agreement. We can assist you with doing this.

There are other instances where we can help you with regards to your children. This could be to provide advice should you need to relocate with the children, or if the Agreement is not being followed by one parent.