Buying and selling a house in Queensland (residential)

Our residential conveyancing is undertaken on the basis of a fixed fair fee, which is all inclusive. We service the entirety of Queensland.

Our fees are low and fixed because conveyancing is one of our core areas of business. We will not charge you extra if we meet problems or delays in the conventional conveyancing process. Secondly, if your transaction does not proceed we will not charge you any professional fees. Within this fixed fee promise, we will include all conventional work associate with a conveyancing transaction. 

What we do to earn our fixed fair conveyancing fees

  • Ensuring compliance with contract terms, conditions and time limits
  • Making sure that you are paid in full and that all outstanding rates and other charges are paid and accounted for
  • Arranging for the payment and proper legal discharge of any mortgages on your property
  • Checking that all documents that you are required to sign are correct
  • Attending settlement